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Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey has welcomed the opportunity to appear in front of the Social Services Select Committee to present his evidence for his Public Collections and Solicitations (Disclosure of Payment) Bill today.

“I think most people want to know whether a public collector or solicitor is a volunteer or is being paid to collect donations or signatures. This bill will guarantee that transparency,” Mr Doocey said.

“The bill will require anybody collecting or soliciting donations, subscriptions, signatures or other support in a public arena to disclose whether they’re being paid or remunerated for their service.

“International research shows that the most important factor influencing trust in charities was that a reasonable proportion of donations make it to the end cause.

“The bill will bring us in line with the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, which already have transparency measures in place regarding public collections and solicitations,” Mr Doocey said.

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