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MP for Waimakariri Matt Doocey says the Christchurch Northern Motorway from Belfast to Pegasus should not be put at risk while the Government attempts to divert billions of dollars to pet projects like the trams in Auckland.

“Waimakariri commuters were excited to hear that a new Christchurch Northern Motorway from Belfast to Pegasus would complement the major roading projects that are already being delivered,” Mr Doocey says.

“However, Labour’s review of the project has cast doubt on the completion date of the Woodend Bypass which was to be included in the works.

“In my first term as MP for Waimakariri, the need for a commitment to a Woodend Bypass was highlighted by a range of community groups and locals. Many people want to see heavy freight and traffic volumes moved out of the centre of the Woodend township.

“The project addressed congestion issues arising from the Waimakariri electorate’s rapid growth.

“Every day I receive positive feedback on how the Western Belfast Bypass is shortening travel time for our commuters. The Belfast to Pegasus motorway completes the package of roading solutions to deliver reliable travel times and increased safety for our commuters.

“I think Waimakariri residents would find it hard to understand why their needs for safer roads are not being prioritised when these projects were already planned under National.

“This is an important project that the Government has wrongly thrown into uncertainty. I will continue to push the Government to include the project in their plan and I encourage the public to show their support.”

The petition can be found here.

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