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Waimakariri’s businesses are going to have to adapt to new technology outside of traditional business models to meet climate change targets, businesspeople heard on Friday at Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey’s climate change lunch.

National’s Spokesperson for Climate Change Todd Muller and solar business leader Hamish Hutton, director of Solagri, spoke on how proposed climate change legislation would impact local businesses at the lunch held at Urban Revival Café in Silverstream on Friday 3 August.

“We’re going to see exponential innovation that is going to challenge traditional business models,” Doocey said. “Key industry sectors such as transport and waste, energy regeneration, agriculture and forestry, and industrial manufacturing will need to adapt to both the challenges and opportunities.”

Doocey said he held the lunch to give local businesses an opportunity to ask questions and be informed on Government’s new climate change legislation. A wide range of business sectors were represented, including farmers, energy and agribusiness leaders, bankers and builders.

“Parliament is taking a bi-partisan approach to addressing climate change, looking to set up a climate change commission similar to Britain’s so policy is not dependent on a three-year parliamentary cycle. Todd was able to bring some of his experiences in working with other parties to find consensus and explain why we need to take a science-based approach where innovation and technology will be crucial to meeting targets,” Doocey said.

Hutton told attendees no business in the rural sector would be untouched by climate-change adaptation and disruptive technologies. However, he acknowledged the huge environmental opportunities for agribusiness to embrace emerging technologies.

Doocey said as local MP it was important to him to bring in relevant people to speak to the issues that affected those who live and work in Waimakariri. “I’m committed to ensuring we protect our unique environment here in North Canterbury while ensuring we have a strong local economy that provides certainty for our jobs and incomes,” Doocey said.

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