Wage subsidy delays adding extra stress to struggling businesses

Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey says wage subsidy delays are putting extra pressure on local businesses already fighting to stay afloat.


After posting to social media last week he was inundated with calls for help, from sole traders to large business owners, all experiencing delays with their applications.

“In one case, an employer paid out more than 80 staff in good faith, and was left in a dire situation when her subsidy payment did not arrive.

“People are understandably very frustrated with these delays, with the added financial strain compounding their stress at a difficult and uncertain time.”

Doocey said given this was not the first time the wage subsidy had been rolled out, it was appalling to be hearing of such a widespread problem.

“Now these struggling businesses are told to reapply every two weeks for the wage subsidy, another bureaucratic burden adding even more stress,” he said.

“Without access to the subsidy in a fair and timely manner, the end result will be businesses closing and people out of work.”

On top of the delays accessing the subsidy, communication to business owners had been sorely lacking, Doocey said.

“We have accommodation providers and tourism operators here struggling to even find out whether they can open, and if so, how they should be doing it.

“There is no clear guidance coming from the Government, at a time when the sector is already at rock bottom.”