Police dogs protect us, now they need our support.

I have proposed legislation to better protect our faithful Police dogs.

Around 24 dogs have died in New Zealand in the line of duty while they were protecting us.

Currently, the maximum penalty for anyone who intentionally kills, maims, wounds or otherwise injures a Police dog is two years in jail or a fine of $15,000 or both.

I believe this is too lenient.

I believe tougher penalties will act as a greater deterrent and give more protection to the loyal Police dogs that are called out over 40,000 times a year with their handlers.

I have proposed a law change that will extend the penalty to a maximum of five years in jail.

After the fatal shooting of Police dog Gazza I was overwhelmed by the depth of feeling in New Zealanders who want to see better protection for our Police dogs.

Please sign my petition in support of my suggested law changes.

PETITION: Tougher penalties for killing Police dogs

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