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A warm thank you for signing our petition in support of a 24-hour medical centre in Waimakariri.

Our community’s petition received great support, with 10,500 residents putting their voice behind this important issue.

Sandi and David McLean presented the petition to the Canterbury District Health Board at the public meeting I held in the Rangiora Town Hall.

At the meeting the CDHB announced plans for a Family Health Centre to be sited at the health hub to also provide after-hours care with an ability to utilize the flexi beds at the health hub.

This is expected to open in 2021.

The CDHB also announced an expanded range of services, including adult and child mental health, orthopaedic services and telehub capability, allowing people to go to the Rangiora Health Hub and have a consultation with a specialist without having to drive into Christchurch, will open on 21 August in the former Christchurch outpatients’ building that was moved onto the Rangiora Health Hub site.

It is through raising our voices as a community standing together that we have been heard.

Once again, thank you for adding your signature to this petition.

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