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Oxford’s Ellie Tizzard is no stranger to speaking out on behalf of North Canterbury’s young people.

The Year 12 Oxford Area School student joined the Waimakariri Youth Council this year – an experience, she says, that is teaching her “how to make decisions in everyone’s best interests”.

Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey believes that kind of mature outlook is a key ingredient in a Youth MP.

“I was impressed by the calibre of candidates that put their hands up to apply to be my Youth MP and I thank everyone who went through the process. It’s fair to say Waimakariri has talent when it comes to our young people and it was a tough decision to have to select only one person to represent our youth voice in Parliament next year,” Doocey said.

Doocey said he was excited about rolling out a new initiative in the build-up to Youth Parliament in July 2019 to capture and feedback the views of young people in the Waimakariri.

“Ellie and I are going to be reaching out to the young people of the Waimakariri in the space that they occupy and we’ll be using some great technology to capture their views.”

Doocey said Ellie had an inspiring resume that included being on the Oxford Area School student council for several years, representing her school in Japan as part of a cultural exchange and being a school House leader – on top of being part of the Waimakariri Youth Council, holding down a part-time job and representing North Canterbury in a range of sports.

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