Member’s Bill passes First Reading

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey has welcomed his Public Collections and Solicitations (Disclosure of Payment) Member’s Bill passing its first reading.

“Being a first term MP it was great to be the first new National MP to have a Member’s Bill pass its first reading unanimously and with full cross party support.”

Doocey, who has a background in healthcare services, said he knows first hand from his experience of working with the charity sector the importance fundraising has on ensuring charity organisations make a difference in the communities in which they work.

“I chose to enter politics to make a difference in peoples’ lives so it’s great to be able to champion a bill that will support other people making a difference in peoples’ lives,” Doocey said.

“I think most people want to know whether a public collector or solicitor is a volunteer, or is being paid to collect donations or signatures. This bill will guarantee that transparency.”  

“The bill will require anybody collecting or soliciting donations, subscriptions, signatures or other support in a public arena to disclose whether they’re being paid or remunerated for their service.”

“New Zealanders are amongst the most generous people in the world per head of population. In 2010 New Zealanders donated just under $1BN while in 2014 this increased 25% to just under $1.25BN. It is important that New Zealanders know the donations they provide to those in need are going to legitimate charities, and are aware of just how much of their donation reaches those it is intended to help. New Zealand is ranked in the top 5 most charitable countries in the world since 2010 on the World Giving Index,” Doocey said.

The bill will bring New Zealand in line with the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom who already have transparency measures in place regarding public collections and solicitations.