Waimakariri MP welcomes public transport proposals

Waimakariri news
Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey has welcomed new public transport proposals aimed at reducing congestion for Waimakariri commuters.

“I urge local residents to put in a submission to feed back to Environment Canterbury your views on the proposals. By getting as many people to participate, we can actively help to shape a bus network that will suit Waimakariri’s needs,” Doocey said.

Doocey said he met with Environment Canterbury’s manager for passenger services in May to discuss a more efficient bus network, including express buses and dedicated bus lanes. “Constituents were reporting that late bus connections and congestion were resulting in long journeys, with some passengers arriving in Kaiapoi too late to make a connection to the Woodend shuttle service. It was evident that Waimakariri required more frequent and direct bus services.”

More information on the new proposals can be found at www.metroinfo.co.nz.

Additional express trips based on customer travel times; park and ride facilities; an express Airport and Hornby commuter service; a more direct and frequent Waimakariri shuttle service connecting Waikuku and Pegasus Town; and two Blue Line route options are among the proposals.

“We need to get more people onto buses and out of single-occupancy vehicles. To do this, we need a bus transport system that meets Waimakariri’s unique needs. By making your voice heard, we can all be a part of working together for solutions to our traffic congestion issues,” Doocey said.

“While light rail has been considered uneconomic in the short term, a fast and reliable bus network that could move commuters efficiently around the city will be the corner stone to developing any future rail network options,” Doocey added