Bill to make public collectors and solicitors more transparent drawn

Waimakariri news
Thursday, June 25, 2015

Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey has welcomed his Public Collections and Solicitations (Disclosure of Payment) Bill being drawn from the ballot today.

“I think most people want to know whether a public collector or solicitor is a volunteer, or is being paid to collect donations or signatures. This bill will guarantee that transparency,” says Mr Doocey.

“The bill will require anybody collecting or soliciting donations, subscriptions, signatures or other support in a public arena to disclose whether they’re being paid or remunerated for their service.

“In the case of donations for a charity, my bill will help people be confident the charity will actually be getting all the money they are donating.”

Doocey, who has a background in community services, said people who are approached in a public street, especially the elderly, would welcome transparency around whether individual collectors were being paid or were on commission to secure financial contributions.

“The bill will bring us in line with the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom who already have transparency measures in place regarding public collections and solicitations,” says Mr Doocey.

“Kiwis have a true spirit of volunteerism, but in recent years there appears to be more paid people soliciting for charities and incorporated societies, whether it be for signatures or donations.”

“This is a change in culture for us. I believe the public has a right to be informed about where their donations are going,” says Mr Doocey.