Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre a symbol of recovery, MP says

Waimakariri news
Saturday, January 17, 2015

The opening of the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre is not only a poignant symbol of our recovery but a beacon for where we are going in the future, Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey says.

The opening of the new $13 million library and service centre drew a large crowd of residents and stakeholders. The centre has been three years under development.

Mr Doocey said the National-led Government contributed a grant of $7 million to the restoration of earthquake-damaged facilities and, of that, $1,5 million was contributed to the Kaiapoi library and service centre development.

“2015 is to be a great year for milestones and new beginnings in the district. Along with today’s opening, there will be the Rangiora and Oxford Town Halls, Ashley Bridge and the North Canterbury health hub,” Mr Doocey said.

A full copy of Mr Doocey’s speech is featured below:

Good morning, hello
Welcome, great to see you all here
Thank you for inviting me to speak this morning.
As your local MP, I am thrilled to be standing here with you, being part of celebrating this symbol of our recovery.

What a beautiful day in Kaiapoi today
The new building behind me looks fantastic
Well done to the people of Kaiapoi for showing the rest of Canterbury how to get back up on your feet

Could I acknowledge our Mayor, David Ayers, Our council CEO Jim Palmer, Kaiapoi Community Board Chair Robin Wallace, Councillors, community board members, community groups and all of you here today.
Thank you for all you do in supporting the local community in Kaiapoi

I am very honoured to be the Member of Parliament for Waimakariri and to be part of a Government who believes in the value of community facilities
For strong families and caring communities.
The Government gave the Council a grant of $7million towards the restoration of community facilities
Of that, $1.5 million was contributed to the Kaiapoi Library development.

I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the building this week.
I was really impressed by the size of the library with 30,000 books.
The accessibility of the museum and art spaces.
And the building is full of the latest building technology to make sure its lasts well into the future. This building is not only a symbol of our recovery but of where we are going in the future.
Kaiapoi is growing and it will continue to grow.

Visiting the library reminded me of the days when you had to look through large numbers of cards in a rolladex system to look up a book.
I’m sure you remember these.
And now with technology we can look up a book instantly and possibly renew it online.
With technology what libraries do is still the same but how we use them continues to change.

The same applies to a town’s main street.
We will always want to come and enjoy Williams street
Just what we do here will continue to change.
Like Blackwells and Trousellot Park.
This new building is a great anchor project for the renewal of Kaiapoi and for the recovery.

2015 is to be a great year for milestones and new beginnings in the district. Along with today’s opening there will be the Rangiora and Oxford Town Halls, Ashley Bridge and the North Canterbury health hub.
The start of roading projects aimed at reducing commuter congestion and decisions made on the future use of the redzone land.

Earthquake recovery is a key focus of mine and I am not just talking about bricks and mortar.
With a background in health and specifically mental health.
I know it’s been said before with the Canterbury District Health Boards All Right Campaign.
But it is worth repeating.
It is all right to ask for help.

Even though it’s been more than four years, things can still be tough. International research shows years 3-5 post-disaster can be tough for some.
As your local MP and someone who wants to work for the wellbeing of the Waimakariri and be a strong voice for Canterbury, please do come and see me in my office on Williams street here if you, or someone you know, feel like you need some support.

Finally I want to thank the Council for their leadership
For getting on with the job of rebuilding our community assets.
The Waimakariri District Council are widely regarded as one of the best in the Country especially for their leadership during the earthquake and in the recovery. The result of their leadership is this outstanding new Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre. Congratulations on a job well done. I am sure our community will greatly value this new facility.

Thank you.