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Help is available for people who might be battling to cope after Sunday’s 5.7 magnitude earthquake, Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey says.

Doocey said he welcomed reports that damage to homes, buildings and infrastructure had been minimal but that Sunday’s strong shakes could have left people feeling vulnerable.

“Sunday’s quake would have rattled more than people’s houses.  As we near the fifth anniversary of the February 2011 earthquake, people could be expected to be feeling less resilient.

“With my background in mental health, I am aware that international research shows years three to seven are some of the most challenging for psychological and social recovery.”

Doocey said the last time Christchurch experienced a quake above magnitude 5 was nearly 4 years ago, with a magnitude 5.2 quake 20km east of Christchurch.

The MP urged people who needed help to get in touch with his offices or to ring the  All Right? Helpline on 0800 777 846.

Doocey reassured Waimakariri residents that counselling support following Sunday’s quake was available. “The funding is there. If someone rings the 0800 number or talks to their GP, they will be able to access counselling.”

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