MP calls “enough” to road crashes in North Canterbury

Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey is saying “enough” to crashes on State Highway 1 in Woodend.

Doocey is presenting an oral submission to Parliament’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee to save the Belfast to Pegasus motorway extension, including the Woodend Bypass, on Thursday 1 November.

Doocey said the recent crash on SHI in Woodend after a fuel tanker and truck collided puts the writing on the wall for the urgency of this project.

“Our residents don’t feel safe trying to access the motorway from side roads, never mind trying to cross over by foot,” Doocey said.

“Residents have spoken out time and again, and have no appetite to be going through yet another round of safety consultations. How much more do they have to say when accidents like these are making headlines all the time?”

Doocey is delivering an oral submission to his petition to save the motorway extension, announced by National last year as the second generation of Roads of National Significance.

The project has been left out of NZTA’s 10-year plan. Doocey said no start date has been consigned to the project.

“I am taking the voices of North Canterbury right to Government’s ears and the message is very clear: our residents want a commitment to this project,” Doocey said.

Doocey will be delivering his oral submission at 11.30am on Thursday 1 November. The event will be livestreamed from his Facebook page at