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Government’s KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme is putting more Waimakariri residents into their own homes, MP Matt Doocey says.

In the past year from April 2016 to March 2017, 315 HomeStart grants were approved in Waimakariri – an increase from 234 the previous year, the MP said. “In dollar terms, over the past two years, this amounts to over $3.1 million.”

The grant scheme helps first-time home buyers with a deposit on their home. Aspiring home owners are also able to access their KiwiSaver funds.

“Getting the keys to your first home is a significant life experience for young people, setting them on the road to financial security and family stability. This scheme is providing real help to first-time home owners – it’s the most generous support scheme for home buyers in over a generation,” Doocey said.

“With many choosing the Waimak as a great place to raise a family, and with the increased Government investment we see in our schools’ infrastructure across Waimakariri, it’s great our young families are getting this head start into their own homes,” Doocey said.

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