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Oxford is a great place to meet and catch up. Residents would have seen my caravan parked near the butchery for constituent calls on the last Friday of every month and I enjoy being visited in the caravan by residents needing help or dropping in to say hello. 

Staying connected is vital for an MP. It’s about being in touch with what people are talking about on the ground and bringing relevance to my role through an understanding of the issues people are dealing with.

Hearing about the issues in our rural areas was the focus of the Provincial Priorities meeting held in Oxford last month. These are being held all over New Zealand to bring a spread of rural-based MPs out to meet locals and hear concerns. The issues brought forward will help us to develop policy to further strengthen our economy and communities in the years ahead. It was great to hear a range of ideas from Oxford residents about what we can do better.

  The Northern A&P and Canterbury A&P shows were also great days to catch up with people in an informal setting.  These days where town meets country are important to Canterbury tourism and in showcasing what our region can offer. The latest tourism statistics are inspiring. Canterbury is performing well as a tourist destination, with numbers up by six percent. As we enter summer, North Canterbury can take advantage of more visitors coming, staying longer and spending more.

At last year’s Oxford Christmas Parade, I enjoyed walking Main Street as your new MP with my family. This year, I hope you look out for us and say hello. From my family to yours, we wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas as we celebrate the end of a very positive year in the Waimakariri electorate.

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