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 The first of September is a milestone day for our community. It’s the first day of spring, with the daffodils reminding us that after every winter comes rebirth. We also celebrate as a community the opening of our new Farmer’s building and the start of the Farmers Rangiora Festival, which has come to symbolise for us a celebration of how far we have come from that other September day in 2010.

Our community has looked forward to the opening of Farmers as a time for celebration, accentuating a period of openings and new beginnings.  I enjoyed being part of the opening celebrations and, as a supporter of our local businesses, I am very aware of what Farmers means to the district. I meet with a range of people in my role who are all upbeat that Waimakarri is heading in the right direction and is on track. We can be proud of the regeneration of our town centres and also that they have retained their distinctive characters.

I enjoyed a great day out in Oxford’s town centre recently with my parliamentary colleague, Jami-Lee Ross, to celebrate another new beginning with the opening of Oxford’s new law firm. It was good to meet with the staff and to hear about the legal services they can offer to Oxford residents.

Look out for my caravan in Oxford on the last Friday of the month. I am getting positive feedback that these community constituent clinics are making it easier for people to meet with me in their area. Whether it is through my two offices, my night meetings, caravan clinics, or living and working in the electorate with my family, it is important to me to keep connected.

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