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Young people in Waimakariri electorate have only one more week to get their applications in to become Waimakariri’s next Youth MP.

I realised I wanted to get into politics while I was still a student. Being on my school’s Student Council gave me further encouragement that I wanted to be a part of the decision-making process.

Last week was the anniversary of my first year in Parliament. It’s been a busy and exciting time. Highlights include being successful in working with a local resident’s group so they could get better Internet connectivity from their Internet provider; being successful in advocating  with the Ministry of Education to ensure out-of-zone school buses continued for the year for affected students; and getting a carpooling parking area cleared and made fit for purpose for commuters near Clarkville.  I’ve also enjoyed working individually with constituents to help make things better for them.

There are many young people in Waimakariri electorate who want to make a difference. Recently I enjoyed being invited to attend Waimakariri’s Youth Council to share my background in mental health and I was impressed by the drive and commitment that I saw – and the passion to deliver good outcomes for both young people and the community. It’s exciting to see young people getting involved to make a difference – in our communities and in the recovery of our region.

So, if you are passionate about social issues and are interested in engaging with the youth of our community and sharing their views at the next Youth Parliament on 19 and 20 July 2016,  please call my office on 03 3270514 or email me at for more information.

As a new MP, working with my Youth MP will be another first for me.  I am looking forward to that experience.

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