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It's fair to say there are a lot of words said in politics over a year but it’s the actions that count. With that in mind, it was a good exercise to reflect on the end of my first year as the

It’s been a huge learning curve and it’s been great to tackle the issues that have arisen in the electorate. Facilitating solutions and being a part of the positive changes in our growing community has been a strong focus of my work.

One of the highlights was being successful in helping a local family get rehoused from a caravan to their own home.  In my Maiden speech, I identified values that we as New Zealanders cherish and uphold, and which I committed myself to striving to protect. Strong families and caring communities were on that list.

Another major highlight was being successful in advocating for my electorate to ensure out-of-zone school buses continued for the year for affected students at Rangiora High School. Parents came to me with concerns as to how their children would get to school. Working together with stakeholders to keep our communities safe has been a key feature over the past year.

Working with a local residents’ group so that they could get better internet connectivity from their provider has been another highlight. Many of those residents are running small businesses from their homes and poor internet speeds were affecting their businesses. I arranged for their service provider to come out to hear their issues and the result was a multi-million dollar upgrade.

This year has seen some great progress on a national level as well, as we’ve expanded free doctors’ visits and prescriptions to children under 13; delivered a $25 a week increase in benefit rates for families with children; and supported first-time home-owners into their own home through the KiwiSaver Homestart initiative.

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