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Renewed calls for after-hours health provision in Waimakariri are reflecting demand on health services from our growing population. As local MP, I have been leading our community in calling for after-hours services to provide better health outcomes and peace of mind for our most vulnerable.

Like others, I was disappointed at hearing that the trigger for locating an after-hours service is based on drive times to the existing 24-Hour Surgery in Christchurch rather than taking into account our population growth. Waimakariri, with its large population, is deserving of its own after-hours health provision.

I have met with Sandi McLean, who has set up a petition, and am joining her to take the petition to the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) to let the voices of our residents be heard that they want to see after-hours health provision in Waimakariri. Previously, I have brought the CDHB to a public meeting in Waimakariri on health, focusing on the demand for services. At that meeting, the CDHB announced a commitment to the expansion of after-hours services for Waimakariri, looking at a pilot, nurse-led, after-hours service operating from the health hub. From this meeting, the CDHB went forward and has been working with our health-care community to see what a pilot model would look like.

I am currently in discussions with the CDHB to come back for another public meeting to update our community on the next steps for after-hours care in Waimakariri. Sandi’s petition is very timely and I encourage all to sign her petition. I’m a great believer in community-led solutions and by working together we can support our community and keep Waimakariri a great place for families.

When I petitioned for a third lane southbound over the Waimak Bridge, it was to cement the gains our residents were experiencing from the Western Belfast Bypass and anticipated Northern Corridor. I knew that for these major roading projects to deliver their full benefits, we needed to address bottlenecks up to Tram Road. It took a few steps to get there – I first delivered my petition to the Regional Transport Committee and then to NZTA – but with perseverance we can now celebrate the progress we see being made with the current project works. Like with the third lane, I am proud to be part of our community’s push for an expanded after-hours health service as we send a clear message to the CDHB.

  • I am always humbled by the great work so many of our residents are doing across a variety of platforms to better our community and environment. I recently visited Oxford Bird Rescue and was impressed by Scott and Tracey’s commitment and dedication to their bird rescue work, developing their property and running the shelter as well as working at their day jobs. A great cause and they also provide valuable in-school visits and education.
  • I enjoyed opening Reflection Trust’s Kaiapoi Children’s Day event, an enjoyable day for our families that brought us together as a community. Well done to the organisers for another successful event.

The North Canterbury Pride Picnic drew a large crowd in Rangiora’s Victoria Park for the second year of this event. It was great to see such a wide range of ages at this inclusive event.

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