Community rallies for Woodend Bypass

Hundreds of residents from across Waimakariri descended on Owen Stalker Park today with their signs and placards, and a clear message for the government to commit to the Woodend Bypass in Budget 2020, MP for Waimakariri Matt Doocey says.

“Our community turned out in the hundreds to support the Rally for Woodend,” Doocey said. “There’s a lot of emotion in the community around this issue. Woodend School students showed up with posters and residents have been putting up signs all over the township calling for the Woodend Bypass.

“Daily traffic counts this year through Woodend are expected to reach 20,000 vehicle movements a day. It’s not safe for children to run the gauntlet through 20,000 vehicles on a State Highway to get to school every day and the elderly and disabled having to somehow get themselves over to access public transport, medical appointments and shops.

“Businesses are telling me they’re suffering because people are staying out of Woodend for fear of being hit from behind in their cars when they need to turn.

“Our community is trying to swallow the news that Auckland is getting $3.48 billion in infrastructure spending when they’re expected to take their lives in their hands just to cross the street here.

“The rally was attended by National’s Transport spokesperson Chris Bishop, Waimakariri District Mayor Dan Gordon, Woodend School Principal Adrienne Simpson, President of the Woodend Community Association Mark Paterson and Shona Powell of the Make SH1 Safer Committee.”