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Waimakariri electorate is a dynamic place to represent. Looking back over the past two years on the second anniversary of being elected as local MP, I can say that the electorate’s rapid growth, mix of peri-urban and rural areas, and vibrant regeneration post-earthquake presented a unique set of circumstances which shaped my response as MP.

Based on my experience during my first year, I learnt it is important for an MP to keep connected to a range of communities across the electorate at ground level, picking up on issues that are relevant to constituents.

And I’m not afraid to try new ways to keep connected. My mid-winter evening meetings allowed me to meet people on their patch at a time that suits them. I also enjoy creating opportunities to meet with different demographic groups, including business, superannuates and youth. By the end of this year, I would have invited over 12,000 superannuates to meet with me at my over 65s coffee mornings.

The opening of my Belfast office on 17 October will help me be more accessible to my constituents in Northern Christchurch. I will retain my offices in Kaiapoi and Rangiora, as well as my constituent community caravan in Woodend and Rangiora. I look forward to meeting with you in my new office.

I enjoyed collecting for Arthritis New Zealand recently in Northwood and catching up in passing with  familiar faces from my community constituent caravan, my coffee mornings in Belfast, my youth roadshows in Northern Christchurch and my business meetings in the area. If you have a worthy cause you are fundraising for, remember I am here to help.

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