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April 2018

Government’s announcement last week of its plans to cut spending on state highways and for greater funding for Auckland public transport proposals has given urgency to my petition to save the Belfast to Pegasus motorway extension.

Our commuters deserve to receive the transport funding they require. Greater Christchurch and North Canterbury commuters were excited to hear last year that the planned extension announced by National would complement the major roading projects already being delivered. 

If you agree, sign my petition at

I am receiving great feedback on last month’s community conversation on our shared experiences around mental health. The participation of those who attended and the contribution of guest speaker Paul Lynch and the community services who teamed up with me for this event shows there is an appetite in our communities to raise awareness of mental health and reduce the stigma of asking for help.

I will be joining residents to honour the sacrifice of our servicemen and women on Anzac Day. An informative joint initiative between the NZDF and agencies including Veterans’ Affairs, the RSA and No Duff Charitable Trust (a military phrase to denote a real casualty) in Christchurch recently provided an overview of the extensive practical and financial support for both our enlisted and veteran servicemen and women, and their families.

If you know of anyone in this category who needs help of any kind, please assist them to make contact with me.

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