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We’re into the start of another busy year.

Since being back at work, with my offices opening on 6 January, I have been out and about visiting constituents. I’m enjoying being able to meet people in my new office in Belfast and it’s great to be more accessible for Northern Christchurch residents. Thanks for the feedback to all those who’ve let me know how much the new office has helped them.

I’ve enjoyed watching progress on the Western Belfast Bypass over the summer break. It’s going to be a game-changer for commuters, delivering shorter travel times and it will free up our local roads.  A reliable roading system will support our economic development and growth, something that was brought home to me last week while attending a demonstration of the first fully autonomous electric vehicle in New Zealand at Christchurch Airport. The airport provides employment opportunities in not only the terminals but also at the business and tourism park developments. Tourism is one of the cornerstones of Christchurch’s recovery, so we are lucky to have the airport right on our doorstep, with the new roading networks to feed people efficiently through the city.

Like many families, the summer holidays usually mean a trip to Willowbank. It’s another great family-friendly destination and the hours of fun it provides for the children is valuable during the long summer break. It’s another example of the Waimak being a great place for families.

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