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A new $39 million bowel cancer screening pilot will be welcomed by Waimakariri residents, MP Matt Doocey says.

Doocey, who holds a regular coffee session for over 65s in Waimakariri electorate, says he gets a lot of feedback from constituents that highlight the issue as a major concern for Waimakariri residents.

“This funding will start the roll out of a national cancer screening pilot. With my background in health, I fully endorse any programme that will stop New Zealanders dying from bowel cancer. Around 3000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year and it is one of our leading causes of death. We need to address that. Early diagnosis will have life-saving impacts,” Doocey said.

The pilot, which is on track to begin in 2017, is expected to screen over 700,000 people every two years.

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