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My thoughts go out to North Canterbury families who have tragically lost a loved one in this event.

Like others, I was up in the night for my family and I was in contact with Waimakariri District Council CEO Jim Palmer for updates on the impact of the earthquake and aftershocks in the district. I have also spoken to my colleague, Kaikōura MP Stuart Smith, about how we can best work together in responding to North Canterbury’s needs.

As most people in Waimakariri have returned home, there will be some in our community who will be anxious and stressed following this morning's earthquake. If you or someone you know needs support, please contact my offices or click on the link below to the CDHB's All Right? website for further information on support.

As we assess the damage from today’s earthquake, it appears Waimakariri’s focus of infrastructure and building upgrades by both the council and private building owners has increased our ability to cope with events like today. If your home, land or contents have been damaged by today’s earthquake, seek advice from EQC at the link below or contact my office:

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